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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

cheat ns atm xp 2013

Cheat ATM Exp Ninja Saga 2013

  Cheat ATM Exp Ninja Saga Super Fast Fix 2013
Cheat ATM Exp ninja saga 2013, the cheat work 100% and super fast delay 10 sec, feature cheat atm exp 2013 : cheat gold, xp, chunin exam, jounin exam, special jounin exam, tp mission instant, how to use cheat atm exp 2013 :
Tools : Fiddler


1. Download fiddler and swf file
2. Open fiddler and drag swf to fiddler
3. Open ninja saga and clear cache browse
4. Go to headquarters and enter password atm exp
5. Enjoy

NB : If you level 22 - 30 do not use level up/exp as will error, but use free gold, because it will fill you exp and no error!!!
Pass / Code ATM EXP : 63978DCB04
Pass rar : cheat-afrix 

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